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RV Electrical Shocks

If you have ever experienced an electrical shock when you touch your RV, or while entering or exiting your RV, there is a safety concern to avoid injury or possible electrocution.

This is a condition called “Hot Skin” and is often caused by the wiring in the electrical receptacle that your RV Cord is plugged into, or a faulty extension cord.  It can also be caused by faulty wiring or connections in your Recreational Vehicle.  If electrical “Hot” and “Neutral” wires are reversed or the Ground wire is improperly connected, your coach and you can become an electrical circuit with unpleasant or dangerous results.

There is an inexpensive small device available called a Polarity Tester.  This  device will eliminate the guesswork and the possible hazards before you plug in your RV to Shore Power.  Simply plug  the device into the Shore Power Outlet, before plugging in your RV Electrical Cord. It is a simple device to use, and can save you money and possibly save your life.

After checking the Shore Power Outlet, it is recommended to check your RV outlets regularly.  Road vibrations can cause wiring connections to loosen and possibly causing damage to your RV.