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Tire Failure

After examining hundreds of RV tire-failures over the years, we have discovered that most tires are under rated for the overloaded weight of the RV. Tire manufacturers also recommend replacing the RV tires after five to seven years of service or if any tire cracking is present. Low or excessive tire pressures can result in catastrophic damage or loss of life. Tire ratings are engraved in the sidewall, along with a corresponding maximum cold inflation pressure.
To increase tire life and safety, each wheel must be weighed individually when the vehicle is fully loaded. These weight measurements will determine how much tire pressure is required for a specific load. Tire manufacturers publish charts that establish the tire load capacities at various inflation pressures. This is required to achieve optimum tire performance. All tires on the same axle should be set based on the heavier side. If there is a major difference in side-to-side weight, the load needs to be redistributed.
If any wheel weight exceeds the maximum tire load, the problem must be corrected immediately. Shifting the loads in your RV or upgrading the tires not to exceed the load rating of the wheel rim can remedy this.

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