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Water System Sanitation

It is not uncommon for RV owners to complain of bad water. The first sign of contaminated water systems is usually a bad taste, followed by odors emanating from the water supply. Bacteria may have built up in the water tank, especially if the water tanks supply has not been used frequently and
not been replenished with clean water regularly. When a rig comes out of storage or is being used extensively on a city water connection, the fresh water tank and the entire water system should be sanitized before use. The following steps should be taken to disinfect the entire water system:

1. Turn off the city water supply. Verify the water heater is turned off. Remove the water heater drain plug.
2. Drain the fresh water tank and water heater completely.
3. Close the fresh water valve and reinstall the water heater drain plug.
4. Refill the fresh water tank about half way with fresh water.
5. Mix ¼ cup of household bleach for every 15 gallons of the fresh water and water heater tanks total capacity, in a container of one or two gallons of fresh water. Pour this mixture into the fresh water tank and top off the tank with fresh water.
6. Turn on the fresh water pump and open all the faucets, including the toilet. Allow the air to escape from the hot water supply to fill the water heater tank. This will fill the entire system with the bleach solution.
7. Top off the water tank again with fresh water.
8. Drive the vehicle if possible to slosh the solution, then let stand for several hours.
9. Completely drain the entire fresh water system including the water heater.
10. Close the fresh water tank valve and reinstall the drain plugs.
11. To neutralize the bleach odor, mix ½ cup of baking soda with about one gallon of fresh water and pour into the fresh water tank. Refill the tank with fresh water, turn the pump on again and flush this mixture through the entire system.
12. To drain the baking soda solution, open the fresh water tank valve and remove the water heater drain plug, then proceed to drain the entire system again. Close the fresh water tank valve and reinstall the water heater drain plug.
13. Refill the fresh water tank with clean water, turn on the pump, then open the hot water and cold water faucets until all of the air has escaped. Turn your hot water heater back on. Now your fresh water system is disinfected and cleaner than new. If you would like a qualified professional to perform this service for you, call (850) 866-6999 or visit http://www.rvtrax.com.